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Karcher TB fully automatic truck wash.

The Karcher TB is the perfect solution for medium to large sized fleets.

The Karcher TB is a robust and reliable gantry truck wash. It is suitable for different types of commercial vehicles like trucks, truck with trailer, articulated trucks, cars and vans. Some stand out features of the Karcher TB are:

  • All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized.
  • Low-wear drives and sealed bearings ensure high maintenance intervals.
  • Mirror program feature which ensures the machine avoids the mirrors.
  • Frequency controllers mean the optimum brush pressure is always applied for a safe and excellent quality wash.
  • Many options and accessories are available to configure the machine to your exact need.
  • A truck and trailer can be washed in as little as 5 minutes.

See table below to help understand how an automatic truck wash can save you time and money. If you have rainwater available, running costs can be further reduced.

Example given is for a truck and trailer (16 metres)


Item Cost Consumption per wash Cost per wash
Reclaimed water $0.00 228 litres $0.00
Fresh water $2.71 per kilolitre 214 litres $0.58
Electricity $0.28 per kWh 0.527 kWh $0.15
Wax $99.00 per 20L 35ml $0.17
Soap $67.15 per 20L 80ml $0.26
Total $1.16


Dominic Scarcella Transport

Karcher RBS 6014 manually operated truck wash.

The Karcher RBS 6014 is the perfect solution for small fleets.

The Karcher RBS is a manually-operated single brush machine. It is suitable for all commercial truck types. Some stand out features of the Karcher TB50 are:

  • The frame is all aluminium-welded construction, making the machine very easy to manoeuvre.
  • Very few moving parts mean large service intervals.
  • The movement of the machine along the truck is helped by the rotation of the brush. This means you only have to guide the machine along the truck.
  • Detergent is mixed into the water by means of a dosing pump.
  • Can be fitted with an overhead festoon system for water and power supply.

High pressure wash bay- Karcher HD Stationary high-pressure pumps

The Karcher HD Stationary high-pressure pumps are great for pairing with the TB50 or RBS6014. This means you can clean hard to reach places and stubborn dirt with ease.

Some stand out features of the Karcher HD Stationary pumps are:

  • You can use quickly switch from soap application to high-pressure rinse at the gun.
  • After 5 minutes of non-use, the pump switches in to standby mode which relieves all pressure from the lines, prolonging the life of components.
  • Suitable for incoming water feed of up to 85°C.
  • Dry running protection.
  • Pump is fitted with robust ceramic pistons.
  • Fitted with an operating hour counter for efficient servicing.