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Karcher CB3 automatic car wash:

The Karcher CB3 is a robust and reliable gantry car wash. It is suitable for all common passenger cars. The low-wear drives and sealed bearings ensure high maintenance intervals. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated. All components that get in contact with water and cleaning agents are made of high-quality plastics or stainless steel. The frame is hot-dip galvanized and powder coated in RAL 7012.

Many of our customers enjoy low running costs. One operator can comfortably wash 60 cars per day.

The Karcher CB3 will take on average 5 minutes to wash and dry a car.

See below table to help understand how an automatic car wash can save you time and money. If you have rrainwater available, running costs can be further reduced.


Item Cost Consumption per wash Cost per wash
Reclaimed water $0.00 100 litres $0.00
Fresh water $2.71 per kilolitre 90 litres $0.24
Electricity $0.28 per kWh 0.415 kWh $0.12
Wax $99.00 per 20L 12ml $0.06
Soap $67.15 per 20L 10ml $0.04
Total $0.46

Karcher “SB MU” self-serve car wash


The Karcher SB MU self-serve car wash is the perfect solution for a commercial car wash site. This equipment is very user-friendly and customers benefit in particular from the clear user guide and logical layout of the washing implements

Some stand out features of the Karcher SB MU self-serve car wash are:

  •  High-quality components guarantee high process reliability.
  • All of the components are easily accessible and extremely easy to service.
  • Depending on requirements on-site, each wash bay can be configured with up to 11 washing programs.
  • The foam generating system can be set by the operator, allowing for the foam consistency to be perfectly set.
  • Efficient washing programs allow for maximum return.
  • Innovative care programs for protecting paintwork
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